Changes In Our Brain That Occur As We Age

It has been studied by the ‘British Medical Journal’ that as we age, cognitive functions collectively associated with memory, reasoning and comprehensive skills all tend to decline and after a certain age, brain function is affected at different times:

  • First, Short-Term Memory And The Ability To Learn New Material Tend To Be Affected
  • Then, Verbal Abilities Decline Including Vocabulary And Word Usage
  • Finally, Intellectual Performance, As The Ability To Process Information Decreases

Our research has shown that aging causes shrinkage of the brain in the nerve tracts which are found in the brain. It causes the cerebrospinal fluid cavities to get larger and this causes them to leave large holes in the affected brain. What happens due to the brain shriveling is that the neuron terminal branches to form various contact points which leads to people lose forty percent or more of their dopamine neurons. A loss of dopamine neurons has been proven to be a key factor in the cause of Parkinson’s disease.

Other studies have successfully concluded that deterioration of the brain to be caused by lack of blood flow to the small vessels and capillaries which are easily captured by the fats and cholesterol to cause possible rupture due to high blood pressure. These could cause further results like mini strokes which have a higher probability due to increase in age. Because as our body ages, the brain is said to go through a cumulative oxidation effect done by free radicals which causes about the deterioration of our energy levels and body metabolism. Our brains require a full twenty percent of our total oxygen consumption when it is only made of two percent of our total mass.

Neuro Elite Brain Supplement

As we age, our brain cells die, they can also get damaged due to various reasons. Inflammatory chemicals such as cytokines which are made to be released by the brain immunity cell system are one of them. Brain inflammations are mainly caused due to infections such as colds, flus and lack of anti-oxidant diets.

The fact of the matter is that there is a greater number of people who face brain facility deterioration compared to before and the number is increasing every year so it is why there is a new market for nootropic supplements that enhance mental facilities.

Neuro Elite is one such product that is at the cutting edge of this new trend.

  • Neuro Elite helps maintain healthy levels of endogenous neurotransmitters for sharp focus.
  • It provides you anti-stress compounds to help you concentrate and get better sleep.
  • It helps support mental clarity for brain improved thinking and awareness.
  • It provides and supports healthy blood flow to the brain for useful long-term neuro-protection.
  • Its formula has been clinically shown to improve focus, memory and processing speed while supporting your brain health.

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Changes In Our Brain That Occur As We Age
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